New Humanists

Don’t Read Too Much | Episode XIX

March 15, 2022 Ancient Language Institute Episode 19
New Humanists
Don’t Read Too Much | Episode XIX
Show Notes

In one of his many letters to his nephew Lucilius, the famous Stoic philosopher, playwright, and statesman, Seneca, advises his nephew to avoid reading too much. Jonathan and Ryan take up the philosopher’s advice and consider what dangers there are, if any, in reading too much or too widely. 

Seneca’s Epistle 2 (free in English):

Seneca’s Epistles 1-65 (English - Latin):

Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations:

Joseph Keegin’s What is College?

St. Thomas Aquinas’ Question 166:

C.S. Lewis’s Learning in War-Time:

Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta:

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