New Humanists

Academic Leadership | Episode XXV

June 15, 2022 Ancient Language Institute Episode 25
New Humanists
Academic Leadership | Episode XXV
Show Notes

Who is at the helm of the ship of state? Is the United States doomed to go the way of the Titanic? In the essay “Academic Leadership,” Paul Elmer More expounds on the crucial role that humanistic study plays in cultivating a natural aristocracy that guides and protects the body politic. More, along with Irving Babbitt, was a luminary of the New Humanism movement and an essayist, prolific letter-writer, editor, and Christian Platonist.

Paul Elmer More’s Academic Leadership (free):

Richard M. Gamble’s The Great Tradition:

Sir Thomas Elyot’s The Book Named the Governor:

René Girard’s A Theater of Envy:

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