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Lincoln with the Bard, feat. Ted J. Richards | Episode XLI

February 15, 2023 Ancient Language Institute Episode 41
New Humanists
Lincoln with the Bard, feat. Ted J. Richards | Episode XLI
Show Notes

Abraham Lincoln spent less than 1 year of his life going to school. Nevertheless, he became a lawyer, a surveyor, and one of the greatest statesmen in American history. He also carried on correspondence with one of the country's leading Shakespearean actors about the relative merits of different plays and speeches in Shakespeare's dramatic oeuvre. In no speech is the self-educated Lincoln's close attention to the Bard more in evidence than in his political comeback speech, the Peoria Address denouncing the Kansas-Nebraska Act. What do the veiled Shakespearean references in that speech reveal about Lincoln and the crisis that slavery posed to free government?

Abraham Lincoln's Peoria Speech:

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Folger Shakespeare Library's Hamlet:

Alexander Pope's An Essay on Criticism:

Harry Jaffa's Crisis of the House Divided:

Harry Jaffa's A New Birth of Freedom:

John Channing Briggs's Lincoln's Speeches Reconsidered:

Diana Schaub's His Greatest Speeches:

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