New Humanists

Return of the Old Gods in Germany | Episode LII

August 01, 2023 Ancient Language Institute Episode 52
New Humanists
Return of the Old Gods in Germany | Episode LII
Show Notes

In the opening lecture of his course on Homer, the Professor of Greek at the University of Wittenberg, Phillip Melanchthon, first invokes the aid of the gods and declares that to Homer belongs "the highest and noblest place." Further, Melanchthon proclaims that Homer "alone snatches away the palm of victory from all poets that any age has brought forth, and he leaves them all far behind." Jonathan and Ryan take a look at Melanchthon's encomium for Homer and defense against the many varieties of Homeric critics, both ancient and modern.

Richard M. Gamble’s The Great Tradition:

C.S. Lewis' The Discarded Image:

Homer's Iliad (Greek-English):

Homer's Odyssey (Greek-English):

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Daoiri Farrell's The Valley of Knockanure:

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Cicero's Pro Archia Poeta Oratio:

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