New Humanists

Voegelin on Classics

October 01, 2021 Ancient Language Institute Episode 8
New Humanists
Voegelin on Classics
Show Notes

The hothouse of prewar Vienna played host to an unprecedented concentration of genius which eventually gave birth to modernism. Present on the scene was a young Eric Voegelin. Late in his career Voegelin wrote an essay “On Classical Studies,” in which he explained what the discipline of Classics is, the difference between classical and modern accounts of reality, and how to keep the flame of classical wisdom alive in the modern academy. With Voegelin as their guide, Jonathan and Ryan ponder Classics, modernity, and higher education.

Eric Voegelin’s On Classical Studies:

Richard Gamble’s The Great Tradition:

On Vienna in 1913:

Karl Schorske’s Fin-De-Siecle Vienna:

C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man:

Friedrich August Wolf’s Prolegomena Ad Homerum:

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s Truth and Tolerance:

John Heath’s and Victor Davis Hanson’s Who Killed Homer?:

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