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Join the hosts of New Humanists and founders of the Ancient Language Institute, Jonathan Roberts and Ryan Hammill, on their quest to discover what a renewed humanism looks like for the modern world. The Ancient Language Institute is an online language school and think tank, dedicated to changing the way ancient languages are taught.
Beowulf, feat. Colin Gorrie | Episode XXIIIMay 16, 2022 Episode artwork Should Everyone Be Educated? | Episode 22May 02, 2022 Episode artwork The Iliad, or the Poem of Force | Episode XXIApril 15, 2022 Episode artwork The Trivium According to Dorothy Sayers | Episode XXApril 01, 2022 Episode artwork Don’t Read Too Much | Episode XIXMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork Oakeshott Teaches Us How (and What) to Think, feat. Dale Stenberg | Episode XVIIIMarch 01, 2022 Episode artwork The Original New Humanist, featuring Dr. Eric Adler and Katherine Bradshaw | Episode XVIIFebruary 15, 2022 Episode artwork T.S. Eliot’s Praise for Privilege | Episode XVIFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork Athanasius’ On the Incarnation, feat. Calvin Goligher | Episode XVJanuary 15, 2022 Episode artwork C.S. Lewis on Old Books | Episode XIVJanuary 01, 2022 Episode artwork Learning to Read the Bible, feat. Dr. Dru Johnson and Tyler Foster | Episode XIIIDecember 15, 2021 Episode artwork René Girard, Myth, and the Bible, feat. Dr. Patrick DowneyDecember 01, 2021 Episode artwork Benedict in Regensburg: Faith, Reason, and the University | Episode XINovember 15, 2021 Episode artwork Tolkien, Philology, and the Great Books, feat. Colin Chan Redemer | Episode XNovember 01, 2021 Episode artwork Antony and Cleopatra, feat. Katherine Bradshaw | Episode IXOctober 15, 2021 Episode artwork Voegelin on ClassicsOctober 01, 2021 Episode artwork Julius Caesar, feat. Katherine Bradshaw | Episode VIISeptember 15, 2021 Episode artwork Coriolanus, feat. Katherine Bradshaw | Episode VIAugust 19, 2021 Episode artwork Solzhenitsyn's Exhortations | Episode VAugust 02, 2021 Episode artwork The Art of Humane Education | Episode IVJuly 15, 2021 Episode artwork Transhumanism in the Year of Our Lord, Pt. 2 | Episode IIIJuly 01, 2021 Episode artwork Transhumanism in the Year of Our Lord 2021, Pt. 1 | Episode IIJune 15, 2021 Episode artwork Humanist After All | Episode IJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork